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  • Designers: Darin Bendall, Ian Lynam
  • Publisher: Wordshape
  • Categories: Fonts

Iggy is the lettering of Australia-based Oklahoman artist, animator and lifelong skater Darin Bendall set in OpenType format with lots of care and love by lifelong skateboarder and Japan-based New Yorker Ian Lynam.

Iggy is a set of two (outline and fill) fonts—perfect for that punky, skatery vibe. Both fonts have 4 complete sets of stylistic alternates for letters and numbers, European language support galore, evoke the late 80s heyday of skateboarding and hardcore punk rock and thrash. Perfect for animation, retro design work and anything needing a bit of nasty attitude! Iggy never learned how to kickflip, but can skate the crap out of a jump ramp!

Please note:
The user license applies to single-user desktop use or a single webfont license for both Iggy and Iggy Fill. If you’d like to license the Iggy family for desktop and webfont use, you will need to acquire two licenses.

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