• Price: $25.00 per weight (download) $200 for complete family (download - 30% discount!)
  • Designers: Ian Lynam
  • Publisher: Wordshape
  • Categories: Fonts

Clobber Grotesk Bold is a grotesk typeface designed for high readability.

The terminals of the letterforms are slightly flared in order to increase legibility.

The family includes 11 weights: light, regular, regular stencil, regular italic, regular italic stencil, medium, medium italic, demi, bold and bold italic, bold stencil.

Originally designed for a metal stamping business for use at small sizes, the Clobber family is now available for the discerning type public.

The Clobber family is available by weight:

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The Clobber family is available as a single, discounted download, as well. All eleven weights for $200 – a 30% discount off of the individual prices.

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