Cinta Adhesiva

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  • Designers: Eye One, Ian Lynam
  • Publisher: Wordshape
  • Categories: Fonts

Cinta Adhesiva began as a typeface designed for the masthead of a graffiti fanzine called Free Copy. The monumental letters painted by L.A.-based graffiti writers Crae and Hael greatly influenced the feel of the typeface. The availability and ease-of-use of tape as a medium to write with is apparent on a multitude of surfaces, and this approach led to the creation of Cinta Adhesiva.

Cinta Adhesiva is inspired by the giant letters executed by graffiti writers in the Los Angeles River using paint-roller, hand-assembled signage on trucks and businesses in northeast L.A., and punk rock zine making. It incorporates the characteristic ripped bits that occur when tearing tape by hand, giving it a distressed feel.

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