Papier Labo Memo Sketchbook

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Papier Labo
Papier Labo

We’re super-excited to now offer Papier Labo’s hybrid Memo Sketchbook. Housed within a thick and durable book board cover that folds flat due to precise kiss-cutting are 50 sheets of slightly off-white buttery smooth sheets of cotton-infused Takeo paper. The binding is micro-sewn and glued, guaranteeing rock-solid construction. Each sheet of paper is micro-perforated at the top for ease of removal and each book is bound using yellow, black, or blue binding cloth at the edge.

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We started using these books as both memo pads and sketchbooks a few years ago and have become totally addicted to them—each one is a marvel of engineering and feels like a luxury product. Measuring 148mm × 210mm × 10mm, the cover of each book can be flipped 180 degrees under the sketchbook, offering an unparalleled writing and drawing experience.

The cover wraps around the bottom edge of the pages, ensuring that your artwork is well-protected when not in use.

Highly, highly recommended!

Due to stock variations, we will provide what colors are in stock—sorry, we cannot accommodate color requests.

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