IDEA #393: The Manga Internationalé

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Seibundo Shinkosha
Idea + Publications

A manga-focused issue of IDEA, the first in a number of years. This issue explores international forms of manga, comics, and sequential art, hopping borders and nations. Also includes an amazing interview with Korean designers Sulki and Min and so much more! Comes with an additional booklet dedicated to Japanese indie publishers in Switzerland, beautifully designed by Akiyama Shin (!!!).

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MANGA bridges the world: The actualities of manga internationally

Direction by Masato Hara and Idea
Design by LABORATORIES (Kensaku Kato, Hiroyuki Kishida)
Photo by Satoshi Aoyagi
Cooperation by Toshiyuki Yatsuhashi

Mathieu Bablet
Pénélope Bagieu
Daniel Clowes
Nick Drnaso
Anna Fiske
Keum Suk Gendry – Kim
Little Thunder
Richard McGuire
Renee Nault
Luke Pearson
Cyril Pedrosa
David Prudhomme
Paco Roca
Thi Bui
Adrian Tomine
Bastien Vivès
Tillie Walden

Recommendations from International Manga Lovers You Must Read

Talk: Keita Katsushika × Masato Hara
Unbleached Social Issues: MANGA bridges the world

Text by Tomoya Matsumoto

A Japanese Edition of an International Manga Guide for Crossing Borders

Featured Untranslated Manga

Border-crossing Manga Artists

The Current Digital Scene

Extending American Comics
Text by You Yoshikawa

Takehiro Sekiya (Editor in chief of to-ti web)
Interview by Idea
Text by Soichi Takahashi

Frédéric Toutlemonde (Euromanga)

Masato Hara (Thousands of Comics)

Makiko Nakai (DU BOOKS)

#2 Sulki & Min Part 2

Text by Tetsuya Goto
Design by Sulki & Min
Translation by Tetsuya Goto
English proofread by Duncan Brotherton

In Constructivist Posters and Ourselves

Text by Ichiro Saga
Edit and Design by Toshinobu Nagata
Cooperation by TAKEO Co., Ltd., Tama Art University
Image courtesy of TAKEO Co.,Ltd.

The World of Ornamental Fonts
Creating Culture Making Typefaces for Raku Font Vol. 2

Design by Shun Sasaki

The 6th Tokyo Book Jacket Illustration Competition Report
Text by Mari Kobayashi

[Appendix booklet]
Fair Enough / Guest with Books from Japan│Part 2
Presentation Document and Review Exchange / Swiss Edition

Designed by Shin Akiyama, Msayuki Makino
Color photographs by Go Itami
Contributed by Sonja Zagermann, Jungle Books, Francisco Paco Carrascosa, Irene Jost, Izet Sheshivari
Edited by Michio Onozawa, Georg Rutishauser, Osamu Sakuma
Translated by Michio Onozawa

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