IDEA #391: Alternative Reality

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Seibundo Shinkosha
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This issue of IDEA is a visual powerhouse examining the effects of the global pandemic on society and graphic design as an aspect of culture. This issue’s title is Alternative Reality: Design and imagination in dangerous times: where fantasy and reality intersect. It features Ghost Spoon, a section of the magazine printed in clear varnish on gloss white paper highlighting the scores of graphic design events, biennials, exhibitions, and book fairs that were mowed over by COVID-19, followed by a 2-color index to all of the events that never happened. The issue also features Data Journalism and Design, a look at data visualizations of the global pandemic; a beautifully printed silver + CMYK catalogue for the Melbourne edition of the exhibition “Which Mirror Do You Want To Lick?” curated by Abake and Radim Pesko, with text by Jon Sueda. This issue also features a paean to the recently deceased designer Toda Tsutomu, one of Japan’s leading Postmodernists, as well as an amazing essay by David Caterini on labor and visual abstraction in software.

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Alternative Reality: Design and imagination in dangerous times: where fantasy and reality intersect
Direction by Idea
Design by LABORATORIES (Kensaku Kato, Hiroyuki Kishida)

Phantom Spoon
Cooperation by Åbäke, Jon Sueda
Bibliomania / Mina Tabei / No Ideas / Polymode / Ines Cox / Juan Pablo Rahal / Charles Mazé & Coline Sunier / Mevis & Van Deursen / Roxanne Maillet / BAD Studio / Ryu Mieno / Saki Souda / Åbäke and Sarah Garcin / Yoshihisa Tanaka / IN-FO.CO / Brigade Cynophile / Mathias Schweizer / Shinwoo Park / Koji Kurihara / Fanette Mellier / Atelier Baudelaire × GeneralPublic Studio / Information Office / Shiraz Abdullahi Gallab / Ohara Daijiro / FISK / So Hashizume / Traduttore, traditore / Omnivore, Inc / Richard Niessen / Jean-Claude Chianale / Studio Remote / Benny Van den Meulengracht-Vrancx / Chris Hamamoto & Jon Sueda, Berton Hasebe / Our Polite Society / New Documents / the Rodina / Ian lynam / Colpa / Yangyifan Dong / Minkyoung Kim and James Chae / Yui Takada / Ramon Tejada / León Muñoz Santini Studio / Laura Coombs and Mindy Seu

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Which mirror do you want to lick?
Insert of the Melbourne Edition
(including commentary and Japanese translation)

Exhibition photos: ©2020 Tobias Titz
Text contribution by Jon Sueda

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Data Journalism and Design
Cooperation by Yasuhito Nagahara, Chiharu Watabe, Hideko Kawachi
Nikkei Visual data (The Nikkei)
Interview with Naoyoshi Itatsu, Kenichiro Kamata (The Nikkei)
The New York Times
Interview with Wilson Andrews (The New York Times)
South China Morning Post
Interview with Darren Long (South China Morning Post)

Information and Graphics in the Age of Digital Media: News, data, and visualization
Text by Yasuhito Nagahara

Infographic Spectacle
Text by Ken Ohyama

An Icon Works: Labour and Visual Abstraction in Software
Text by David Caterini

Toda Tsutomu: Design with an eye on the background
Design by Toshinobu Nagata
Photo by Satoshi Aoyagi
Cooperation by Toda Tsutomu Office + Chisako Imagaki

“I never take my eyes of the background”
An interview with Hitoshi Suzuki
Text by Toshinobu Nagata

Tips and pots for design seeds – An insert with Tsutomu Toda + Hitoshi Suzuki
Text by Hitoshi Suzuki

Invisible / unintentional form
An interview with Takahiro Kuramine
Direction by Toshinobu Nagata
Design by Hirofumi Abe / print gallery Tokyo, Kei Moriya
Photo by Kai Tamaki 

[Talk] Noritake × Daijiro Ohara: An 8-year interim report

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