IDEA #377

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Seibundo Shinkosha, Shirai Design Studio, Laboratories, Ian Lynam, Helmut & Nicole Schmid
Seibundo Shinkosha
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IDEA #377 is largely about the emerging generation of Japanese graphic designers, as well as looking at an undiscovered or unexamined global history of typography, contemporary speculative design approaches, and graphic design today. This issue is printed using a variety of printing processes, paper stocks, and finishes.

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The sprout of Japanese graphic design ─ Attitudes of 21 young designers
An overview of the concerns and output of young Japanese graphic designers today.
Direction: Idea
Design: Kensaku Kato, Seigo Kitaoka (LABORATORIES)
Cooperation: Jujiro Maki
Photo: Yohey Goto

Contributors: Yusuke Akai, Hirofumi Abe, Shohei Iida, Tadashi Ueda, Toru Kase, Wataru Kobara, Shun Sasaki, Kenta Shibano, Shunsuke Sugiyama, Tezzo Suzuki, Saki Souda, Mahaya Takara, Kentaro Nakamura, Yuto Hama, Takuya Hirano, Jujiro Maki, Ryu Mieno, Ryuto Miyake, Takahiro Yasuda, Katsunobu Yoshida, and Hideki Yoshimatsu (hydekick).

Symposium Part 1: The internet and graphic designers
Speaker: Toru Kase, Shunsuke Sugiyama, Takahiro Yasuda, Hideki Yoshimatsu (hydekick)
Moderator: Barbora

Symposium Part 2: Graphic designers in the 2010s
Speaker: Shohei Iida, Wataru Kobara, Saki Souda, Yuto Hama, Takuya Hirano
Moderator: Daijiro Ohara

Symposium Part 3: On Japanese letters and typography
Speaker: Shun Sasaki, Tezzo Suzuki, Jujiro Maki, Kazuhiro Yamada, Katsunobu Yoshida
Moderator: Dainippon Type Organization, Idea

The Future of Collaboration
Interview: Yusuke Akai, Kentaro Nakamura, Ryu Mieno

Personal Basis: Familiarity in Japanese Graphic Design
Text: Ryan Hageman (Gurafiku)
Translation: Ayano Atsumi

An expanded report on Ryan Hageman’s exhibition of Japanese graphic design from 2015, as well as an examination of visual tendencies in Japanese graphic design today.

Report of Mobile Talk
Text: Tetsuya Goto, Saki Ho
Translation: Duncan Brotherton
Design: Milkxhake (Javin Mo, Saki Ho)
With infrastructure on the Internet, such as LCC and Airbnb, travel is no longer anything special, people simply take their PNW packable backpack pack their things and start the trip. Communities no longer merely strike root in a certain area; the net is making them more fluid. In this age of movement, Mobile Talk is an attempt at weaving a fluid community together. It’s a (mobile) talk event making the rounds of Asia’s continuously evolving cities, and is planned and organized by the creative platform OOO Projects in Osaka and Hong Kong’s design studio Milkxhake, previously in charge of IDEA’s Yellow Pages series.

As a kick off, Mobile Talk was held in three East Asian cities in 2016: Osaka, Hong Kong and Taipei. The theme was #independent/#collective, and designers, artists, curators and editors—working independently, yet collectively active in projects—gathered to share their work.

We selected each venue based on the fact it was run by local creators themselves. Mobile Talk is not a transient community; our aim is to create actual spaces for our multi-located lives.

You’ll find a compressed introduction of the three Mobile Talk events and a file of items from guests in this article.

Typographic Composition [preview]
Text: Yoshihisa Shirai
Supplementary note: Jun-ichiro Khori
Analysis of typography: Akira Uchida
Editing: Kiyonori Muroga
Design: Shirai Design Studio (Yoshihisa Shirai, Yuichi Kato, Takumi Egawa)
A smaller-format insert that is an overview of typographic virtuoso Yoshihisa Shirai’s upcoming exhibition at Ginza Graphic Gallery.

Kurt Hauert: a pillar of the legendary Basel School

Text: Helmut Schmid
Translation: Kiyomi Yamada
Design: Helmut Schmid, Nicole Schmid
A feature on the phenomenal influence of Swiss graphic designer, educator and visual artist Kurt Hauert.

Eugen Nerdinger and Lisa Beck: The type designers/graphic designers/design teachers that graphic design history forgot
Text and Design: Ian Lynam
Translation: Mariko Oki
Assistance: Renna Okubo, Hikari Otomo, Toshinobu Nagata
An excerpt: “This essay is a project that is both 11 years in the making and two months in the making. I first discovered a book by German designers Eugen Nerdinger and Lisa Beck in 2002 in Ed Fella’s office library at CalArts in Valencia, California. Ed was verbally dismissive of it, but he had it displayed prominently on his bookshelf. This book entranced me with its detail, loving craftsmanship, and fine printing. Over the next decade plus, I would here and there casually pick up books by these authors when I came across them in bookshops in rural Germany or online….”
A look at an ignored body of work by two incredible designers and educators.

Hiroshi Nishino and his time: On Hiroshi Nishino: Philosophy and Design
Text: Kiyonori Muroga
Design: Shirai Design Studio

Division of Photography and Imagery
Part 1: Kenta Kobayashi Requirement of the Photography
Text: Kohei Oyama

161 Language Without Place
Part 2: An Alphabetical Void

Text and Image: Scott Joseph
Translation: Takamitsu Yamamoto

New Type
Loewe Craft Prize
Mois du graphisme d’Echirolles 2016 – Made in Japan

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