Daijiro Ohara Handbook

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Daijiro Ohara

The debut 368-page monograph of the work of Tokyo graphic designer Daijiro Ohara!

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Daijiro Ohara is Tokyo’s top graphic designer in the current moment—working across music packaging, apparel, editorial design, and identity design, Ohara’s work largely focuses on hand lettering.

This mammoth 368-page book shows Ohara’s approach to process in detail and features thousands of photos of his assorted projects.

From sketch to finished work, Handbook is a visual feast of contemporary graphic design from Japan.

Handbook focuses on Ohara’s work for some of Japan’s most vibrant and energetic musicians.

Handbook came out in accompaniment to Ohara’s exhibition of the same name at Ginza Graphic Gallery which brought in huge crowds and has been featured heavily in media across Japan.

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