A Natural History of Printer’s Flowers

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Shirai Yoshihisa
Seibundo Shinkosha
Idea + Publications

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A Natural History of Printers’ Flowers is a beautifully printed 156-page A4-format book devoted to typographic ornament. It features stunning reproductions of historical typographic ornament by European type designers and foundries such as Fournier, Garamond, Plantin, Bodoni, and Enschedé, as well as Japanese foundries such as Shueisha and the Tsukiji Type Foundry. If you have any interest in ornament, this book is for you.

The book contains the Japanese essays “Fournier’s Ornaments” by Taro Yamamoto and Yoshihisa Shirai “On Printers’ Flowers”.

It also includes a Japanese translation of “Printers’ Flowers and Arabesques” by Francis Meynell and Stanley Morison with notes by Mitsuo Kono.

The cover is printed using beautiful silver foil and the interior is a mix of 4-color process printing, marbled illustrated endpapers, and spot-color printing on an array of tactile paper stocks.

The entire book is designed by master typographer and designer Yoshihisa Shirai, the former art director of IDEA Magazine.

A Natural History of Printers’ Flowers is a masterpiece of considered historical research and lyrical design.

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