Underground Punk Rock Vinyl Archives 1976-1985

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Underground Punk Rock Vinyl Archives 1976-1985 by Masanobu Itagaki is the *definitive* visual guide to First Wave Punk. While the book’s text—comprised primarily of very short record reviews—is in Japanese, the record data is in English. The book contains thousands of high quality photos documenting the bulk of the original body of punk records released globally.

If you have even the most passing interest in punk rock, this collection of over 1,600 early punk records will blow you away. Most of these records are fairly impossible to find, and this book serves as both an excellent reference book and a look at punk rock graphic design history across North America, Europe and Oceania. Includes little-known design work from Barney Bubbles, Peter Saville, Malcolm Garrett, Winston Smith and hundreds of others.

Ita-san is the owner of NAT Records—one of Shinjuku’s most amazing independent record stores and has dedicated the past 30 years of his life to documenting the emergence of punk music. This 194-page, full-color book will knock your socks off!

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