Parallel Narratives

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Robert Baxter
Cornish College of the Arts

This book is the result of an on-going undergraduate assignment that Natalia Ilyin and Elisabeth Patterson give in their co-taught, Junior-level course, Parallel Narratives, a class exploring the current state of design history and criticism. This class unearths and examines stories of design that did not gain entrance into the current, commonly-taught “canon” of design history. (The reasons for these exclusions make valuable study in themselves.)

Juniors research and compile annotated bibliographies of 80-100 citations about a topic they believe has gone missing from the history books. They choose what they want to research, and the topics are varied. These bibliographies make a good starting point for research into design ideas, people, and contexts.

The assignment itself is included in this volume, for the reference of instructors who would like to take on this project.

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This volume includes annotated bibliographies on these topics:

Colonialism, Appropriation, and Fetishization of Native Women in Design and Art: Angel DeCora, Tammy Garcia, Edmonia Lewis; Asian Female Designers; Tony Arefin and Associates; The Branded Image of Terrorist Organizations and State Propaganda; Corita Kent; Cuban Design; Girls, Girls, Girls: Their Impact on the Gaming Industry; The History of Emoji; The Graphic Language of Jazz; Hell on Earth: The Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombings; The History of ID Software; Ivan Bilibin, Russian Illustrators; Kim Swoo Geun; Leica; Rob Liefeld and Comics in the ’90s; José Guadalupe Posada; Satoshi Tajiri, Pokémon Creator; Sulki and Min; The Swastika, Paganism and Mythology; Vietnamese Design; Design of the Tulalip Tribes; Women of Automotive Design; Through the Eyes of Design: A Focus on the Basque Country; Design of the Mexican Revolution; How West African Textiles Changed the Design World; Women and Contemporary Calligraphy; The Women of the Taller de Gráphica Popular.

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Designed by Robert Baxter, Parallel Narratives is a must-have for design educators.

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