Nihon-ji Freestyle Complete

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  • Designers: Daijiro Ohara, Shigeru Inada
  • Publisher: Seibundo Shinkosha
  • Categories: Idea + Publications

Nihon-ji Freestyle Complete
by Shigeru Inada
210mm x 148mm, soft cover, 464 pages
Second printing

Back in print! A collection of beautiful hand-drawn lettering by Shigeru Inada (1926-2009) that charts assorted unique approaches to lettering from the 1960s therough the 1990s. The book is an opus of lettering work that suggests approaches not ordinarily tried internationally in terms of structure and aesthetic.

The essay and lettering sample text is in Japanese only. An excellent keepsake and example of contemporary Japanese book design by Ohara Daijiro, but most of all, a must-have for type designers, lettering afficionados, and individuals interested in typographic culture.

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