In Search of the Lost Taste

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  • Designers: Ian Lynam
  • Publisher: Microcosm
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In Search of the Lost Taste, a vegan cookbook by Joshua Ploeg. Half-recipes/half-adventure/sci-fi/fantasy novella with cover illustration by comic maestro Aaron Renier and interior illustrations by the mighty overlord Nate Beaty.

Joshua was the singer of some of the best West Coast weirdo hardcore bands around including Mukilteo Fairies and Behead the Prophet No Lord Shall Live and is an amazing itinerant vegan chef.

Punctuated by chapters of a novella, this collection of recipes captures the energy and excitement of Joshua’s cooking- a noisy, messy melange of tastes and smells that will have you gasping for more.

Full-color cover, 1-color interiors. 128 pages.

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