• Price: USD $20 (instant download)
  • Designers: Stephen Vincent, Ian Lynam
  • Publisher: Wordshape
  • Categories: Fonts + Idea + Publications

Kimbo Adobe Illustrator plug-in
Kimbo is a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator that adds 13 new tools in 2 tool groups to Illustrator’s tool pallette. These tools permit the creation of artwork that would otherwise be difficult or time-consuming to create.

Kimbo adds 2 new groups containing 13 tools to Illustrator’s list of tools.
The new icons appear at the bottom of Illustrator’s tool palette.
All the path/mesh creation tools plus the mirror and cut tools are actionable!

We created a new micro-site devoted to Kimbo which you can check out here. Within, you can download a demo version of the plug-in and read the extensive user manual.

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