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  • Designers: Eli Carrico, Ian Lynam
  • Publisher: Wordshape
  • Categories: Fonts

Interno is a headline typeface built from a Walter Ballmer Olivetti logo exploration drawn sometime in 1960. Work on Interno commenced in 2006, but was soon abandoned. In 2009, Eli Carrico picked it up and ran with it, completing Interno 1. Ian Lynam picked through Eli’s development stages of the typeface and edited together a slightly different version, Interno 2, utilizing a mix of development characters and original characters.

Interno is Italian for internal (or at least that is what the translation widget told us). A great deal of the classic Olivetti design was done in-house (i.e. internal). Also, the typeface has internal switchbacks reminiscent of a paperclip. Interno sounds a bit like “turning inside” phonetically(In-Turn-O). Additionally, Interno takes the first letter and last letter of Olivetti and flips it.

Interno is a highly contemporary display font that bends in on itself, evoking classic Italian modern graphic design.

- Usage recommendations:
Display type for use in editorial, packaging, and any other type of project that needs some Italian flavor.

Download includes Mac and PC OpenType, PostScript, and TrueType formats.

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