IDEA No.345 : Kouga Hirano: Letters and Movements

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  • Designers: Yoshihisa Shirai, Idea
  • Publisher: Seibundo Shinkosha
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Kouga Hirano: Letters and Movements
Kouga Hirano is a Japanese graphic designer who is known for creating book designs using unique handwritten letters. Since the 1960s, he has designed more than 6,000 books and worked consistentlyand closely with particular clients including: publishers like Shobunsha, theatre companies such as Kuro Tento (Black Tent) and musical groups like Suigyu-Gakudan (Buffalo Band). His works for individual clients are diverse, but form a uniform visual approach.

In this issue, Idea introduces his varied work including books, posters, flyers and brochures while focusing on his activities in cultural and underground contexts in an in-depth interview with Kouga Hirano.

Shueitai: Revival of the Classic Typeface
Report on the recent project for recutting Shueitai, a classic typeface developed by Dai Nippon Printing, one of the giants in the Japanese printiing industry.

Street Typography in Japan
by Kentaro “ANI” Fujimoto
A phenomenal survey of vernacular typography on the streets of Japan. This issue is essential for this amazing feature alone.

Fumio Tachibana “Design”
A visual feature by the famed Japanese graphic designer.

Life and Death of Schtücco
Text by Yasuo Totsuka, Photo by Masahito Yamamoto
Essay about the work of Shin Akiyama, one of Tokyo’s best typographers and art directors.

The Designers Republic Comes Home
Special Interview with Ian Anderson of tDR.

Kieler Woche: History of a Design Contest

The first poster competition for the Kieler Woche regatta was held in 1950, and over the years this annual event has come to be Europe’s most prestigious design competition. Since 1959, five designers have been invited to take part annually.
While the poster competition became a corporate design competition in the 1970s, the Kieler Woche theme remained unchanged, so the designs submitted over the past sixty years offer a unique survey of how European graphic design has developed. This article tells the exciting story of the Kieler Woche design competition and its rich traditions.

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