IDEA #390: The Fashion Issue

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Material Bindings The Savage Mind in Fashion Design

Yoshikazu Yamagata is a fashion designer, artist, and educator. He was born 1980 in Tottori Prefecture. In 2005, Yamagata graduated from Central Saint Martins (London, England) with a BA in Fashion Design Womenswear. He served as design assistant to John Galliano during his studies. After returning to Japan, he started his own brand in 2007 called “writtenafterwards”. Yamagata was the first Japanese designer to be nomitated for the LVMH prize in 2015.

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The bulk of this issue is a highly visual poetic exploration of the rich history of fashion design in graphic format. Each spread is beautifully composed and alludes to stunning moments in fashion history, as well as their intersections with graphic design. Reminiscent of the design work of Vaughn Oliver, this expanded feature feels vibrant and alive.

Direction by Yoshikazu Yamagata + writtenafterwards, Shingo Isoyama, Yuri Suyama, Idea
Design by Yuri Suyama
Photo by Masaru Tatsuki
Photographic assistant: Hiroshi Ikeda
Editorial cooperation: Momoko Okuda, Saki Imada, Takahiro Izu, Keita Sato, Michiru Iijima, Shiori Tsuchida
Cooperation: Taka Nakanishi, Daisuke Nakanishi (ASHU NAKANISHIYA Co., Ltd.), Ryoko Uno, Chichibu-Meisen Museum, Shogo Aramaki, Masatoshi Demura
Support by ITOHEN Inc.

Genesis / The Origin of Humanity and Fashion: God as Creator
Ancient Times / Faith and Fashion: Invisible Power and Invisible Value
What you wore – Folklore in “Clothing”
Text by Akihiro Hatanaka

Medieval and Early Modern / An Age of Crisis and Transformation
Modern / System Renovation: Diverse Values and Styles
A Brief History of Japanese Women’s Fashion Magazines

Text by Barbora

Post War / The Land of San-in

1980 / Encounter with an English rock ‘n’ roll poet

21st Century Consumer: Society, Fashion and Folklore
Text by Kenro Hayamizu

What is fashion? The value of clothes over a 40-year perspective
Text by Hirofumi Kurino

1995 / Terrorism and the Earthquake

2001 / Globalization and War

Purple and the Fashion Scene Since the 90s: The Work of Chikashi Suzuki
Interview with Chikashi Suzuki

2020: The Roles and Evolution of Fashion
Text by Maria Nishio

Exploring the Essence of Fashion, Validating the Possibility of Design and Visual Language
Text by Linda Loppa

Fashion in a Post-Corona-Pandemic Society
Text by Lidewij Edelkoort

Body and Fashion
Text by Asa Ito

New Humans Arise from the Collapse
Text by Yusuke Koishi

2011 / Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami: Natural Disaster and New Fear

A Variation on Myth: Yoshikazu Yamagata and Art / Fashion Imagination
Text by Toshiaki Ishikura

Text by Yoshikazu Yamagata

Biography of Contributors

Message for Future Designers

Thinking About Teenage Learning
[Talk] Takeshi Yoro × Yoshikazu Yamagata

Fair Enough / Guest with Books from Japan
Practical Reflections on Art Book Fair Alternatives
Concept and Editing by Michiko Onozawa, Georg Rutishauser
Text by Michiko Onozawa
Photo by Go Itami
Design by Tanuki

Text by Tetsuya Goto
Design by Grégory Ambos
Translation by Duncan Brotherton
Photo by Takuma Uematsu

[Report] UMA / design farm Exhibition
“Tomorrow is Today: Farming the Possible Fields”
Design: LABORATORIES (Kensaku Kato, Hiroyuki Kishida)
Photo by Yurika Kono

Interview with Yuma Harada

UMA / design farm: Design farm nurtured by Yuma Harada
[Talk] Tetsuya Goto × Kiyonori Muroga

22nd Yusaku Kamekura Award, JAGDA New Designer Award 2020, JAGDA Award 2020

This issue features a beautiful white foil-printed cover.

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