IDEA #385: Locality

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Seibundo Shinkosha
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Idea #385 examines notions of “locality” — what it is to be a local designer working in different areas of Japan and abroad, including a series of superbly illustrated interviews showing some of the best Japanese graphic design today from the Tokohoku and Kansai regions. This issue also features a bilingual English/Japanese 32-page showcase of the work and writing of Wordshape’s Ian Lynam, edited by Randy Nakamura. IDEA #385 also features a tipped-in new book of photographic work by Emigre‘s Rudy Vanderlans, as well as an illustrated interview with Rudy.

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Focusing on Locality in Design
Practices of the Japanese Regional Designers in Kansai and Tohoku

Direction by Yuma Harada (UMA/design farm) × Idea
Design by Harada Yuma, Keisuke Yamazoe, Mariko Kishiki (UMA/design farm), Kentaro Nakamura, Toshiyuki Nakaie
Editorial Assistance by Tomomi Tada (MUSEUM)

Graphics Interchange vol. 01 KANSAI → TOHOKU

Yusuke Akai

Kentaro Nakamura

Kenta Shibano

Takuya Tsunashima

Midori Hirota

Ryu Mieno

Closing Talk: What Graphics Interchange Reveals
Moderator: Kenji Aihara
Speaker: Yusuke Akai, Kentaro Nakamura, Kenta Shibano, Takuya Tsunashima, Midori Hirota, Ryu Mieno, Yuma Harada, Motoki Koitabashi and Daijiro Ohara

UMA/design farm × akaoni
UMA/design farm

Small Chatting About the Graphic Design
Yuma Harada × Motoki Koitabashi

Designers in KANSAI region before the 1960s
Interview with Kazumasa Nagai

Region and Design:
Transforming Locality SNS, University and the Arts Festival
Text by Tatsuya Kuji

Locality & Fracture: Ian Lynam
Text & Design by Ian Lynam
Editing by Randy Nakamura
Translation by Emma Okubo

Making Photo Books:
Rudy VanderLans and “Still Lifes” Series Books

[Special booklet] Rudy VanderLans “Dream”

Interview with Rudy VanderLans
Translation by Manami Yamamoto

Atlases: Visualizing the Ecological Conception of the World
Part 8: How to Relate to Nature and How to Draw the Earth

Élisée Reclus’s Approach
Text by Akio Ota

ORDINARY PEOPLE: Day-to-Day Graphic Chronology
Text by Idea
Design by Tézzo Suzuki
Photo: Kai Tamaki, Jinsol Kim

[Event Report] AGI in India



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