IDEA #382

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Laboratories, Shirai Design Studio
Seibundo Shinkosha
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Idea #382 is a fully bilingual English/Japanese issue that explores the recent Tokyo exhibition “Fragments of Graphism: An Alternative History of Graphic Design in Japan”.

The exhibition description:

What do we need to do for design to be unconfined by global economies and information architecture? For it to exceed patterns of expression and solution? For it to think, and move for itself?

Graphic design in Japan was socially established in the professional area of ‘design’ during the 20th century, making high quality contributions with a unique aesthetic to the development of industry and culture. Amidst globalization and innovation in technologies at the end of the 20th century however, the conventional framework of graphic design in Japan and its relation to society continues to be transformed.

What directions will graphic design in Japan continue to take in the future? Or rather, what possibilities will unfold? To move onward we need to stretch one leg forward with our other planted firmly on the ground. To think about the future potential of design, we also need to consider the future, the past, global and local at the same time.

This exhibition is based on IDEA (published by Seibundo Shinkosha), a magazine that has followed the development of graphic design both in Japan and internationally for over half a century since its launch in 1953. Visitors can expect to see an experiment in the re-interpretation of design history and the restructuring of the field by young, up-and-coming graphic designers.

13 designers attempt to present their research processes for re-interpretations of Japanese graphic design history (Room A); a library room offers insights into the future of graphic design from 47 groups of designers across the country (Room C), and a third room showcases an archive of all the back numbers and related publications of IDEA magazine (Room B). Join attendees in contemplation of the history, present and future of graphic design through this futuristic magazine space.

This issue features new essays by Kiyonori Muroga, Alexandre Dimos, Ian Lynam, Shin Akiyama, Hashizume So, Sulki & Min, and many, many more.

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Fragments of Graphism: An Alternative History of Graphic Design in Japan
Direction: Committee of the Fragments of Graphism Exhibition × Idea
Design: LABORATORIES(Kensaku Kato, Seigo Kitaoka, Hiroyuki Kishida)
Photo: Kenta Hasegawa, Ryuta Nasu

Room A – 13 Interpretations of Graphic Design in Japan thus far
Takasuke Onishi / Indigenousness and Primitive Graphics
Daijiro Ohara / Song Lines
Kensaku Kato / Graphic Design as Criticism
Jun Kawana / The Manners and Imitation in Book Design
Atsuki Kikuchi / Design, even when no one asks
Yui Takada / Pure Marginal Graphics
Yoshihisa Tanaka / Intermedia and Graphic Design
Ryoji Tanaka / Digital and Graphic Design in the 90s
Koh Chihara / The Individual, Culture, Society and Graphic Design
Rikako Nagashima / The Good and Evil of Design
Takeo Nakano / Calculation or Depiction… Post-war Japanese Diagrams and the Present
So Hashizume / Raising Questions
Akinobu Maeda / Design of the New Frontier

Room B – The Entire Archive of IDEA

Hirofumi Abe / Tomoyuki Arima / Shohei Iida / Yoshiaki Irobe / Yuri Uenishi / Rina Okazawa / Ken Okamoto / Chikako Oguma / Shunsuke Onaka / Fumikazu Ohara / Toru Kase / Yuzo Kariya / Tadao Kawamura / Toshimasa Kimura / Hiroyasu Kimura / Akihiro Kumagaya / Tetsuya Goto / Satoshi Kondo / Shun Sasaki / Asami Sato / Yusuke Shono / Keita Shimbo and Misako Shimbo (smbetsmb) / Tézzo Suzuki / Yuri Suyama / Saki Soda / Yohei Sometani / Mariko Takagi / Chie Tanaka / Yuichiro Tanaka / Mina Tabei / Hibiki Chikada / Yasuo Totsuka / Toshinobu Nagata / Kentaro Nakamura / Nicole Schmid / Yuma Harada / Ayumi Higuchi / Hiromi Fujita / Jujiro Maki / Haruka Misawa / Isao Mitobe / Masashi Murakami / Takahiro Yasuda / Kazuhiro Yamada / Hideyuki Yamano / Kohji Robert Yamamoto / Natsuko Yoneyama

Editor’s Note
Text by Kiyonori Muroga

Critical (graphic) Design School
Text by Kensaku Kato

Mobile Talk #05 Tokyo
Text by Sulki & Min

Essays: “Approaches to What?”

Thinking Alternative History of Graphic Design by Referring Graphic Design Magazine History
Text by So Hashizume

Another Design History We Can Find in the Graphics Used for the Olympic in the Past
Text by Takashi Kato

Text by Toshiaki Koga

Essays: Graphic Design in Japan in the Age of Globalization

The Good and The Weird
Text by Ian Lynam

Fragments: A Design Research
Text by Alexandre Dimos

Workshop: Re-covering IDEA
Text by Daijiro Ohara

An Exhibition Attempt to Update “Japanese Graphic Design”
Text by Tetsuya Goto
English Translation

Atlases: Visualizing the Ecological Conception of the World
Part 5: Calculated Humanities World – Diagram and Cartogram in Early Period

Text by Akio Ota

Where is My Island: Life and Works of Shizuko Yoshikawa
Text and Photo by Toshinobu Nagata

Report: Graphic West 7: YELLOW PAGES
Text by Kiyonori Muroga

Report: Publishing as an Artistic Toolbox: 1989–2017
Text by Shin Akiyama

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