IDEA #380

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Seibundo Shinkosha
Idea + Publications

The latest issue of IDEA is, well, to put it lightly, insanely packed with stunning graphic design work and writing. The leading feature is a look at the work of legendary graphic designer and artist Tadanori Yokoo, exploring his body of work from 2010 until the present day. Writing by street art phenomenon KAWS, Mirko Ilic, Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran (!!!), and a number of others accompanies a wide array of posters, printmaking, collage and other work by Yokoo.

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IDEA #380 also includes a feature on the life of Toshihiro Katayama, a Japanese designer who worked in Switzerland and the USA for many years. This feature is an elucidating look at the career of an international powerhouse.

The identity for the town of Isny, designed by Otl Aicher is also explored in-depth in another feature, the making of the recent Postalco book is examined in an interview with the brand’s co-owners Mike and Yuri Abelson, and there is a feature on French designer Philippe Apeloig’s recent Ginza Graphic Gallery exhibition.

Direction: Idea
Design: LABORATORIES(Kensaku Kato, Seigo Kitaoka)
Photo: Leslie Kee
Special Thanks: YOKOO’S CIRCUS(Akemi Tokunaga, Daichi Aijima)

Part1: Client Works

Interview with Tadanori Yokoo
Interview by Asa Ito 
Editing by Yuki Harada and Idea

Interview with KAWS about Tadanori Yokoo
Text by Manami Fujimori

Part2: Exhibition Posters

Cut and Paste
Division / Framing
Pictorial Poster

What do Posters Mean for Tadanori Yokoo
Text by Masahiro Yasugi

●▲■ in Yokoo’s Poster Works
Text by Atsuo Yamamoto

The Influence of Tadanori Yokoo in Europe
Text by Mirko Ilic

Attitude, Atmosphere and Black Humour: The Currency of Ideas
Text by Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran

Taiwan and Tadanori Yokoo
Text by Wang Zhi-Hong

Public Collection
Tadanori Yokoo Biography

About Toshihiro Katayama
Text by Sakura Nomiyama
Japan to Switzerland, Switzerland to America
America: Between the 1960s and 1970s
America: the 1980s and onward
Interview with Toshihiro Katayama
Text by Idea

Otl Aicher’s Isny
On the Identity Design of the City
Text by Sakura Nomiyama
Interview with Patrick Eley
The Isny Pictograms Today

Philippe Apeloig Exhibition Review
with dialogue between him and Kaoru Kasai
Text by Idea

Swimming in Puddles: Making the Postalco book and Images
Interview with Mike Abelson and Yuri Abelson
Text by Idea Design: Yuri Abelson

Atlases: Visualizing the Ecological Conception of the World
Part 3: Alexander von Humboldt’s Tableau physique and the Dawn of Botanical Geography
Text by Akio Ota

Division of the Photography and Images
Part 4: Spew ̶ Photography and Communication

Text by Kohei Oyama

Book Reviews

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