IDEA #375: Phenomenology of Koichi Sato

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IDEA #375 is largely devoted to the work of Japanese graphic designer Koichi Sato, a quietly poetic designer whose delicate color motifs and metaphysical forms are expressed through hazy auras and glowing luminosity. A master of poetics, ambiguity and abstraction, this collection of Sato’s work is a must for fans of Japanese graphic design. This collection of Sato’s assorted designs is beautiful, haunting, evocative, and leaves an indelible impression.
Also included in this issue is an overview of the work of Dutch designer Jurriaan Schrofer—a longtime collaborator of Wim Crouwel and a graphic powerhouse, Adrian Shaugnessey of Unit Editions has provided a supplement to their recent Schrofer monograph. Work by Wang Zhi Hong is featured, as are features on Japanese ‘zines and the Warsaw Poster Biennial.
This issue is wrapped in a glowing cover by Koichi Sato.


Phenomenology of Koichi Sato
Planning & Editing: Takasuke Onishi (direction Q) x Idea
Design: Takasuke Onishi (direction Q)
Cooperation: Koichi Sato Design Studio

- Exploring the Japaneseness
- Parody of letters
- Study of boxes
- Ideas from technology
- Free from gravitation
- Gene of Rimpa
- Interview:Shin-ichiro Wakao
- Design and visual communication
- Spirit and nature of Koichi Sato
Text: Yoshiaki Sato
- Lamenting for his death
Text: Atsuki Kikuchi
- Koichi Sato in Tama Art University
Text: Atsuko Taguchi
- Selection of “YES EYE SEE 1982-83”
- Biography

Jurriaan Schrofer: The Omnivorous Designer
Text and Design: Adrian Shaughnessy
Transration: Takamitsu Yamamoto
Japanese Typesetting: Shirai Design Studio


Text: Kiyonori Muroga
Design: Laboratories

The 25th International Poster Biennale in Warsaw
Text: Aleksandra Ubukata
Design: Laboratories

Barbora x Momo Nonaka: All we know about Japanese Zines
Vol. 7: Zines in the 2000s Part One: Print’s not dead
Design: Shunsuke Sugiyama
Interview: Keisuke Narita (IRREGULAR RHYTHM ASYLUM),Atsushi Horibe (Seikosha)

- New Type
– Book
– The idea of music [020]

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