IDEA #374: Detour, the 13 movies of Juzo Itami

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Seibundo Shinkosha
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IDEA #374 is a wild mix of the contemporary, the historical, the political and aesthetics. This issue includes amazing contributions from SPIN, Åbäke, a look at Lance Wyman’s design for the 1968 Olympics, Karl Nawrot, Na Kim, Radim Pesko, Fraser Muggeridge, a look at contemporary Japanese youth politics, and much, much more. The cover is a stunning combination of CMYK, hot yellow and metallic gold spot colors.

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Detour, the 13 movies of Juzo Itami
A project by Åbäke x Idea
A Lunch with Kenichi Samura
Photo: So Hashizume
Poster Contribution: Samuel Nyholm / Prune, Matteo & Jean-Claude Chianale / Farida El Gazzar / Bardhi Haliti / Fraser Muggeridge / Alessandra Genualdo / Pinar & Viola / Karl Nawrot & Na-Kim / Laura Pappa / Yokoland / Radim Pesko

Åbäke is a London based graphic design collective. The four members – Patrik Lacey, Benjamin Reichen, Kajsa Ståhl and Maki Suzuki – have been working together since 2000, after graduating from the Royal College of Art (UK). They love working.

Kenichi Samura
Born in 1948 in Yamaguchi. Graphic Designer. After woking at Ikko Tanaka Design Studio, he founded Number One Design Office. While working for vast range of clients, he designed graphic works for all of Juzo Itami’s films. He has won numerous awards including Tokyo ADC award and Mainichi Advertising design award.

Lance Wyman & Mexico 68
Design: Spin
Text: Adrian Shaughnessy
Translation: Mariko Oki
Japanese Typesetting: Shirai Design Studio

From the street: Destination of political graphic design
Direction: IDEA and Koh Chihara
Design: Koh Chihara
Editing Support: Noa Kobayashi
Interview with SEALDs (Students Emergency Action for Liberal Democracy)
Designing demonstrations as political culture
Text: Ikuo Gonoi
Round table talk: Post Political Design
Keita Ishiguro x Koh Chihara x Masafumi Kotsuji x Satoko Miyakoshi

Barbora x Momo Nonaka: All we know about Japanese Zines
Vol. 7: Zines in the 2000s Part One: Print’s not dead
Design: Shunsuke Sugiyama
Interview: Keisuke Narita (IRREGULAR RHYTHM ASYLUM),Atsushi Horibe (Seikosha)

Leaves Fumio Tachibana
Design & Text: Fumio Tachibana
An excerpt from Tachibana’s new book about his father. Immaculately designed and poetic.

Critical Design School:
Defining graphic design from the outer sides.

Text: Toshinobu Nagata Design: Kensaku Kato (LABORATORIES)
Issues around Graphic Design after the troubles over the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games emblem
Takashi Kashima x Kosuke Nagai
What we talk about when we talk about design
Hiromitsu Yoshikawa
Hyper lectures on visual Design
Yoshiharu Ishioka

Erik Kessels / KesselsKramer Lecture & Workshop
Confusion makes the world go round

Text: Naomi Shibata Design: So Hashizume


“Blueprint for Counter Education Extended Reprint”

“Shin Sobue + cozfish”
Jun Kawana, “Thus Soby became an author”

New Type
Editorial essay on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games emblem
Design Events
Book Reviews

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