IDEA #373: Post Independent Magazines

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Seibundo Shinkosha
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IDEA #373 is a look at contemporary self-published and indie magazines.

Today, it is as easy to upload images to websites in order to produce a zine as it is to
create a custom tee shirt or a customized mobile device case. These magazines are not based on just-in-time production solutions. They are different — they raise the printing costs, curate the editorial content, and each has an individual approach to design, as well as a singular cultural perspective. This comprehensive approach to production — this folding-in of creative labor — is in itself a special claim.

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This issue is 97% English/Japanese bilingual.

In IDEA #372:

Post Independent Magazines
An exploration of the state of contemporary magazine production featuring contributions from:

01 Agapornis Magazine


03 chic

04 Club Donny

05 Dirty Furniture

06 Gazzazapzi

07 Gratuitous Type

08 MacGuffin



11 PAN

12 Ponytale

13 Print Isn’t Dead


15 Recens Paper

16 TOO MUCH Magazine


18 Works That Work

All we know about Japanese Zines
Barbora & Momo Nonaka
Vol.6: The 1960s and 1970s Part Two – Social Movements and Counterculture
Design: Kisa Miyazaki
The history of Japanese zines and DIY publishing culture.

Yellow Page Review
Text: Tetsuya Goto
Associate Editor: Javin Mo
Design: Sulki and Min
Vol. 9 of this amazing English/Japanese bilingual look at contemporary Asian designers. This issue features an overview of the means, methods and rationale behind examining a greater Asian design context.

Typojanchi 2015
An overview of the Korean typography symposium.

Reviews & Information
Movie Reviews
Book Reviews
Information & Book

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