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Seibundo Shinkosha
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IDEA #371 is based on the theme of “Ideapedia”, a lexicon of contemporary thought amongst some of the best designers working today. IDEA’s editorial staff asked individual designers to help them create an illustrated encyclopedia/reference book consisting of keywords, visual images, and texts written by the designers that highlight what is most pressing for graphic designers today. The result is an amazingly intriguing, fully English/Japanese bilingual databank of contemporary design.

IDEAPEDIA is an essential cross-section of thought from designers working at the nexus of social design, design criticism, design authorship, design research and critical design—all pushing the boundaries of what design can be.

**This issue is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!**

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The topics:

The ABCʼs of graphic design: A dialogue with an Inquirer
I: Technology
Design / Flat / Graphic Design Material & Equipment / Graphikos / Ikko Tanaka / Infra-Flat / Inky /Jean-Paul Goude / Map / Model / Scalability /Science Fiction / Swordsmith

II: Tool & Method
Accidental / Criticism / Desire / Double Coding / Evocation / Grid / Groupthink / Picture File /Playing Drums / Portrait / Potential / Re- / Skeuomorph / Slowing Down / Translation / Writing

III: Communication
Choosing / Compassion / Diagram / Distracted / How Does the Invisible look at the World? / Insulation / Margins / Method / Non-Monetary Exchange /Sacred Geometry / Semiology of Graphics / Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus / Translation / Umwelt / Unknown

IV: Media
Beauty / Black & White / Classeme / Color / Display / Ed Ruscha / Fluidizing / Graphic Design as a Device / Instagram / Process / Questions (Interfinity Mark) / Representation / Signature / The Body / The Second-Hand Bookshop

V: Environment
Accumulation / Book / Coherence / Commons & Commoning / Contribution / Friendship / Intellectual Investment / Language-game / “Philosophy of Chuckling” By Shunsuke Tsurumi /Shobu School / Slowness / Structures, Notes and Reflections / Vape / Visual Education / XX

The contributors(!): Ludovic Balland / Harsh Patel / Toshimasa Kimura / Experimental Jetset / Hiroyasu Kimura / Sulki and Min / Fraser Muggeridge / Joris Kritis / ucnv / David Reinfurt / Tomoyuki Arima / Chad Kloepfer / Ken Okamoto / Mina Tabei / Modes of Criticism / Ben Laloua / Didier Pascal / James Goggin / Daijiro Ohara / Tommaso Garner / Zak Group / Alex DeArmond / Bernd Kuchenbeiser / Na Kim / Syunichi Suge / Thomas Bizzarri / Alain Rodriguez / Emmet Byrne / Alexandre Dimos / OFFICEABC / Coline Sunier / Charles Mazé / An Endless Supply / Ryoji Tanaka / OK-RM / split/fountain / Chikako Oguma / Rina Okazawa / The National Grid / so+ba / Tadao Kawamura / A Practice for Everyday Life / Takeo Nakano / Ayumi Higuchi / Yuma Harada / Goto Tetsuya / Aaron Nieh / John Morgan / Julie Peeters / Naohiro Ukawa / Maximage / James Langdon / Yoshihisa Tanaka / Kensaku Kato / Hideyuki Yamano / Akinobu Maeda / Studio Temp / Radim Pesko / Hans Gremmen / Scott Ponik / Neda Firfova / Studio Modesty / Bruno Margreth / Europa / Jon Sueda / Michael Rock / Brave New Alps / Research Centered Design / Sean Donahue / Bureau Mirko Borsche / Ian Lynam / Jeff Ramsey / Yui Takada / Rikako Nagashima / Project Projects / Alex Rich / Juerg Lehni / Mark Owens / Pedro Inoue / Xiao Mage / Cheng Zi

Other content:
Supplement: Structures, Notes & Reflections
Edit and Design:Alex Rich & Jürg Lehni

The Revival of Cassette Culture
by Kentaro Takaoka and Barbora

Yellow Pages
Vol. 7 of this amazing English/Japanese bilingual look at contemporary Asian designer. This issue features the work of Giang Nguyen from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. The interview is fascinating!

Report of Graphic Design in Japan 1990-2014 conference
Graphic Design Session / Book Design & Typography Session

All we know about Japanese Zines Vol. 4: Zines in the 80s — Life After Punk Rock

Reviews & Information
New Type
the idea of music [017]
Information & Book
Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games Emblem

Baconʼs Cassette labels

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