IDEA #370

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Most of IDEA #370 is based on the theme “Thought and Design” and features inventories of design thinkling from the 1960s through today. Included are extremely rare works by Tadanori Yokoo, Kiyoshi Awazu, and Kohei Sugiura, a feature on the books of Marshall McLuhan, and an amazing look at the work of Thai designer Santi Lawrachawee. IDEA #370 is printed on a wide array of paper stocks using different printing processes, all wrapped in a super-glossy metallic cover.

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Thought and Design
Art direction and Illustration: Bunpei Yorifuji
Project by Laboratories with Idea
Art Direction by Kensaku Kato (Laboratories)
Design by Laboratories

Designing Medium by McLuhan
Text by Takeshi Katobayashi

1960- Extension of Media and Thoughts
Experiment of visual paperbacks / Counter culture in pocket / Visual Books by Yokoo and Awazu / Style of Kohei Sugiura-1,2

On Inventory Books
Interview with Adam Michael of Project Projects

1980- Transdisciplinarity and RTzutomestructuring
GS / New Academism / ZONE / Postmodernism and Typography

Designer Thinking
interview with Tztom Toda

Forming the Trinity: Criticism, Architecture and Information Technology Between the 1990s-2000s.
Text by Yoshikazu Nango

Adrift 1982-1988
Interview with Tomio Ogihara

2000- Beyond the Network
Zines of Criticism in the 00s(Text by Tetsuro Irie, Toshihiko Mineo)/ Reality and writers in the post Internet age / Books in Japanese Sans-Serif Typeface

Thoughts and Designs in the 00s
Text by Teturo Irie

Design and Practice of Space for Criticism
Interview with Hiroki Azuma

Interface between Paper and Thoughts: Chronology of Philosophy Journals in Japan
Text by Takamitsu Yamamoto

193510: Essay on Criticism/ Medium/Material
Text by Satoshi Osawa

Around “Atlas of the Functional City” The Modern Role of the Map
A round-table talk: Kei Minohara, Naoto Nakajima, Ryuji Fujimura and Yuzo Kariya

[Series1]Age of Inforgraphics Vol.5
[Diagram and Statistics] Design of Understanding–The Adventure in the 20th Century: The Road to Visualization and Storytelling
Text and Design by Yasuhito Nagahara

[Series2]Yellow Pages Vol.5: Santi Lawrachawee (Bangkok)
Text by Tetsuya Goto Associate Editing by Javin Mo Design by Sulki and Min

[Series3] All we know about Japanese Zines Vol. 3:ZINES in the 90s―The World Before Google, Part Two
Text by Barbora and Momo Nonaka
Design by Keita Mori (Shinichi Sekine’s Working Room)
Photo by Maki Suzuki

Scenography by Kazunari Hattori for the ‘laboratory of ideas’
“petit h” of Hermès

Interview with Kazunari Hattori

“Kyutai” Vol.6

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