IDEA #366

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Idea #366 focuses Visual Communication in the Post-Internet Age. Also featured are the second of a series of articles by Tetsuya Goto on contemporary Asian designers designed by Sulki and Min, the Japanese translation of the recent exhibition All Possible Futures curated by Jon Sueda in San Francisco, as well as a feature on information graphics.

Special Feature: Visual Communication in the Post-Internet Age
Rafaël Rozendaal
Visual Artifacts: Works from the Post-Internet Age

Adam Ferriss,Alain Vonck,Anny Wang,Anthony Antonellis,BACON,Dom Sebastian,Emilio Gomariz,Francesco Mancin,Joe Hamilton,Kim Laughton,Michael Guidetti,Norman Orro,Nic Hamilton,OKFocus,§†§,Sebastian Thewes,Steph Davidson,Teen Witch Fan Club / Zain Curtis,Thomas Traum,ucnv

Evolution of visual communication in web services
Text by Kentaro Takaoka

Complex ecosystems being generated in the Post-Internet environment
Text by Masanori Mizuno

A few facts that I know about the history of net art and its recent situation,
which you cannot find by googling.
Text by Akihiko Taniguchi

Networking and Inter-Viewing with pootee

NEEN Manifesto

List of Works [English & Japanese]

Illuminating Graphics Exhibition (Creation Gallery G8)
Talk Session “Seamlessly Connecting CMYK and RGB”
Mitsuo Katsui and Rafaël Rozendaal
(Moderators: Shunya Hagiwara, Ryoji Tanaka)

All Possible Futures
Design by So Hashizume

Jon Sueda, “On Speculation”

“The Farther Back You Can Look, the Farther Forward You Are Likely to See”
– Jon Sueda in conversation with Emily McVarish

Jon Sueda / Designers,
” Questions on Speculative Graphic Design Practice”

Age of Infographics
Chapter I: Development of Route maps
Sec 2: From topography to topology
Text and design by Yasuhito Nagahara

Yellow Pages Vol.2: Aaron Nieh (Taipei) [English & Japanese]
Text and planning by Tetsuya Goto (OOO Projects)
Design by Sulki and Min

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