IDEA #365

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Yoshihisa Shirai, IDEA
Seibundo Shinkosha
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Idea #365 focuses on the contemporary revival of 1980s-style illustration in Japan in all it’s pop, lush, and sexy glory. Also featured are the first of a series of articles by Tetsuya Goto on contemporary Asian designers designed by Sulki and Min, Japanese 3D typography, as well as a feature on Otl Aicher’s collaborator and contemporary Rolf Müller.

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From the 80s to the 80s: Contemporary revival of the 80s illustration in Japan.
Yoshitake Yamane (MEMO)
Yurie Sekiya
REO* spikee
Ayako Hishinuma
F* Kaori
Shinobu Ono

“Thoughts on recent development of the 80s revival”
Text by barbora

Solid Letters: Work of Minami Arai, Daijiro Ohara and Hiroyasu Miyazaki
Text and design by Toshinobu Nagata

Waypost: towards a topographic mind Vol.3
Text and design by John Warwicker (tomato)
Japanese Typoraphy by Yoshihisa Shirai and George Sugishita

Age of Infographics Vol.1 “Development of Route maps”
Text and design by Yasuhito Nagarhara

Yellow Pages Vol.1: Javin Mo (Hong Kong)
Text and planning by Tetsuya Goto (OOO Projects)
Design by Sulki and Min

Rolf Müller: Storyteller, System designer, Mark maker
Text and design by Jens Müller

Vol.1 “Tim Satomi: Embroidery, Poembroidery & Embroidered Design”
Planning and design by heiQuiti Harata, editing by Kiyonori Muroga
Essay: Yoshifumi Takeda,“Fetishism, Another World, Beyond Art”

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