IDEA #357: The Development of Architectural Media in Japan

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Seibundo Shinkosha
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Idea #357 focuses on a unique dichotomy: architecture (the built) and DIY punk publications (the unbuilt).

Special Ferature: The Development of Architectural Media in Japan
Editorial Cooperation by Shohei Iida, Photo by Kenta Hasegawa
An overview of contemporary Japanese architectural publications – from speculative to professional.

Contemporary Media on Architecture
Yuzo Kariya
Takeo Nakano
TOO MUCH:Magazine of Romantic Geography
Yoshito Tsujimura + Akinobu Maeda
Kayoko Sakashita+Kenichi Togawa+Koh Chihara

The Evolution of Graphic Representation on Architecture
Kohei Sugiura
Shin Akiyama
Tomoharu Makabe

Chronological Table of Japanese Architecture Magazines
Edited by RAD (Mitsuhiro Sakakibara, Shinichi Kawakatsu) Design by Shohei Iida

20th Century Editorial Odyssey
Vol. 8: Printed Punks

by Yuichi Akata & Barbora
Interview with Boredom, Kyoranshyokan, Harumi Yamazaki, Fifth Column
Design by Team Kathy, PRETEND Prints & Co.

Margins of Design
Vol. 6 Daijiro Ohara

Interview & Design by Yuma Harada
Text by Tomomi Tada
Photo by Yoshiro Masuda

Cultural History of Japanese Typefaces
Vol. 2 “Scene with Gothic-tai”

Text by Akira Uchida, Design by Toshinobu Nagata
Interview with Boredom, Kyoranshyokan, Harumi Yamazaki, Fifth Column
Design by Team Kathy, PRETEND Prints & Co.

the idea of music

Interview with Masakazu Kitayama, Text by Barbora

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