IDEA #356: Lettering Mannerism

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  • Designers: Seibundo Shinkosha, Ian Lynam
  • Publisher: Seibundo Shinkosha
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Idea #356 focuses on historic and contemporary typography, notably: retro Japanese typography, the work of type design/sign painter John Downer and includes a full overview of the FUSE project.

Lettering Mannerism
Text: Kiyonori Muroga
An overview of post-War Mannerist Japanese lettering in typographic form. Richly illustrated with copious, wildly inspiring images of influential and rare retro Japanese typographic character sets.

FUSE 1-20
From Invention to Antimatter: Twenty years of FUSE

Essay by Ian Lynam
A critical analysis and overview of Neville Brody and Jon Wozencroft’s FUSE project – an experimental type foundry and magazine that ran for 18 issues and was recently compiled in a book published by Phaidon. Includes multiple image galleries of each issue of FUSE.

John Downer
Type Designer, Sign Painter, Gilder, Artist, Writer, and Critic

Essays by Ian Lynam and Akira Kobayashi
Included are type specimens of never-before-published typefaces of Downer’s, copious photos of sign painting work and reproductions of his essays in English alongside Japanese translations. The DEFINITIVE overview on the work of a contemporary American design legend!

Margins of Design
Vol. 5 Kensaku Kato

Interview & Design by Yuma Harada
Text by Tomomi Tada

A Cultural History of Japanese Typefaces Vol. 1
by Akira Uchida
An in-depth lesson on Japanese type history.

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