IDEA #349: An Illustrated Guide to the Design of Yukimasa Matsuda

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  • Designers: Yukimasa Matsuda, Yoshihisa Shirai
  • Publisher: Seibundo Shinkosha
  • Categories: Idea + Publications

Wordshape is now working with Idea to offer select issues of Idea Magazine for sale online.

Idea #349 is one of the strongest issues of the magazine to date- wide-ranging in topic and beautifully produced, this is one issue that will not be in print for long.


An Illustrated Guide to the Design of Yukimasa Matsuda
Text: Kiyonori Muroga, Ian Lynam, Yukimasa Matsuda
An expansive showing of the work of one of Japan’s most renowned book designers accompanied by essays and interviews charting Matsuda’s work designing and publishing.

Joost Grootens: Points of Entry
An atlas made by Joost Grootens, a Dutch graphic designer, is a thing of beauty. He is critically acclaimed for his work in designing a number of lexicons with information graphics, showing geographical information and numerical data in a clear and visually pleasant manner. The continued spread and development of the Internet has made it easy for all to access previously obscure information, and we now face the question of what it is to synthesize that information via assorted media to the world. For those working in the lexical field, choosing appropriate information from the wealth of both printed and electronic data, it has become a requirement to think beyond the pre-existing roles of design and editing to create appropriate means of communication for intended audiences. Grootens recognizes this new role of design and presents clear, communicative visual information in the architecture, art books and atlases he designs. In this feature, his works and words will take you to the ground of Design Now- a medium and methodology in flux.

20th Century Editorial Odyssey Vol. 3
The Visual Revolution of Shoji Ohtomo and Masaru Uchida

by Yuichi Akata, Barbora and Ian Lynam
Essays and a large selection of design and editorial work by two individuals who helped shape manga, anime and character culture.

Exhibition & Printed Matter by Fumio Tachibana
Text: Michihiro Shimabuku
Conceptual artist Shimabuku dives deep into the design work of Fumio Tachibana in essay and interview formats.

Typeface design by Kinichi Imada
Japanese & Chinese Characters

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