IDEA #341

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  • Publisher: Seibundo Shinkosha
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Critical Mass
Compiled by Ian Lynam + Idea magazine
A 100 page inquiry into contemporary critical practices in graphic design featuring interviews and extensive showings of graphic work by:

  • Mark Owens
  • Zak Kyes
  • Jon Sueda
  • Brian Roettinger
  • Daniel Eatock
  • Scott Ponik
  • Michael Worthington
  • Yasmin Khan
  • Metahaven
  • Subterranean Modernism: A Critical Retrospective
    By Randy Nakamura + Ian Lynam
    A critical history of graphic design over the past decade, charting the rise of workshop-centric modernist models as a recurring theme.

    On the Uselessness of Design Criticism
    by Randy Nakamura
    An essay validating the need for external criticism of graphic design projects.

    Dialogues with Tatsuya Ariyama

    Design of Techno on Paper:
    Japanese Techno Flyers in the 90s

    Compiled by Kentaro Takaoka + Idea
    A retrospective on Japanese techno flyers in the 90s

    Forms of Crossing the Boundaries Vol.3
    Akinobu Maeda

    Text and design by Yasuo Totsuka

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