Cannibals & Kirimomi Display

  • Price: Cannibals:$15 (international shipping included) | Kirimomi Display family: $50 (instant download) | Kirimomi Display family and Cannibals:$60 (international shipping included)
  • Designers: Ian Lynam
  • Publisher: Wordshape
  • Categories: Fonts + Publications

Cannibals is a brand new 92-page booklet by Ian Lynam comprised of a handful of new essays about design, education, hope, dread, delight, misery, and of course, sex. Lovingly printed in three offset colors, Cannibals is part-innately relatable pop narrative, part-irreverent mythology, and part-searing critical analysis of design culture today.

Cannibals is typeset in a brand new family of digital typefaces from Wordshape called Kirimomi Display.

Check out the Cannibals micro-site here.


- Group projects, process, and writing.
- Methods versus methodologies.
- Mentorship, homework, and tantric computing.
- Colleagues and death.
- Prepress 101 and group hugs.
- The utter importance of taking a walk once in a while.
- Accountability, vulnerability, and debt, debt, debt.
- Locale, dissent, listening versus hearing, and more about writing.
- Allies, divergent pedagogy, and our old pal Kierkegaard.
- Some other stuff, form, content, and misanthropy.
- Theory, practice, and more misanthropy.
- Getting started teaching.
- Multi-tasking, quality, and nostalgia.
- The importance of reading, unpopular perspectives on globalism, and some seriously good advice on the current stock market.

Cannibals is typeset in our latest type family, Kirimomi Display (the exact same type that this text is that in).

Comprised of light, light italic, regular, italic, bold, and bold italic weights, this new family of fonts is being released in conjunction with the publication of Cannibals.

The Kirimomi Display family is available for immediate download in both OpenType and TrueType formats. The typeface family includes all characters for Central, Eastern, and Western European languages, as well as Vietnamese. It is available for desktop and webfont licensing.

After completing the Paypal-based ordering process, you will be emailed an instant link to download the Kirimomi Display family of fonts, and/or your book will be mailed to you within 24 hours. International shipping is included.

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