Milan Triennale Design Museum interview

I was just interviewed in English and Italian for the Milan Triennale Design Museum / La Triennale di Milano Design Museum by Alice Twemlow, Chair of New York’s School of the Visual Arts’ Design Criticism Department about the state of the small press and graphic design today. The interview is featured in A Diary of an Exhibition- the logbook of Graphic Design Worlds, the exhibition that will open in January 2011 at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan.

Curated by Giorgio Camuffo, the exhibition will display the multifarious worlds of graphic design by featuring the work, the ideas and the stories of some of the most interesting designers in the contemporary international scene.

Featured on the blog are texts, interviews, videos, pictures, and photographs, as well as thoughts and considerations, that provide a look behind the scenes of the making of the exhibition.

Read the interview here.


I wrote a quick article about “screamers”- oversized italic exclamation points that were once a part of the American typographic vernacular, but now appear to live only in formal use in Japan over at Néojaponisme recently. Coinciding with the article is the release of a set of screamers designed by Oz Cooper via Wordshape.