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Wordshape offers IDEA | アイデア Magazine for sale online. 

With a history spanning more than fifty years, IDEA stands as the leading international graphic design publication in the world, mixing graphic design history, criticism, and showcases of design work in a mix of English and Japanese. Notoriously difficult to obtain in the United States reliably, our partnership with IDEA offers graphic designers and design readers in the US and globally the ability to purchase IDEA at notably low cost.

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IDEA #391: Alternative Reality

Idea + Publications

USD $50.00 postpaid (international shipping included)

This issue of IDEA is a visual powerhouse examining the effects of the global pandemic on society and graphic design as an aspect of culture.

Slanted #35 – Los Angeles


USD $30.00 postpaid (international shipping included)

Slanted’s 35th issue is totally devoted to Los Angeles.

Slanted 31: Tokyo

Idea + Publications

USD $25.00 postpaid (international SAL shipping included)

Slanted Magazine’s latest issue is devoted to graphic design in Tokyo.



Originally commissioned by Onitsuka Tiger, Onick is back!
(Also, it's free.)

IDEA #390: The Fashion Issue

Idea + Publications

USD $50.00 postpaid (international shipping included)

The newest issue of IDEA is a reflection on contemporary and historic fashion and its intersections with graphic design.

Parallel Narratives


USD $30.00 postpaid (International shipping included)

Essential reading for design educators.

The Letter I: On Authenticity


USD $15.00 postpaid (international shipping included)

A brand new 52-page booklet by Ian Lynam that examines notions of authenticity via design, consumption, and history.

Noritake: Works


USD $45.00 postpaid (International SAL shippign included)

Somewhere along the lineage of contemporary illustration from Dick Bruna to Hello Kitty to Adrian Tomine, Noritake sprang to life. This new 432-page book covers the arc of Noritake’s career from young DIY fellow to Japan’s hottest contemporary illustrator.

Glot Round

Sale! USD $50.00 (instant download) for all 10 weights!

Glot Round is a ten-member flared terminal sans serif family of typefaces based on a mix of proportions of Roman square capitals and hyper-readable sans serifs.