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With a history spanning more than fifty years, IDEA stands as the leading international graphic design publication in the world, mixing graphic design history, criticism, and showcases of design work in a mix of English and Japanese. Notoriously difficult to obtain in the United States reliably, our partnership with IDEA offers graphic designers and design readers in the US and globally the ability to purchase IDEA at notably low cost.

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IDEA #381

Idea + Publications

USD $50.00 postpaid (international SAL shipping included)

This issue of IDEA is a wide-ranging look at transdisciplinary approaches to design, encompassing book design, installation, hybrid art/design, type design, independent book fairs and exhibition-making.

Biwa & Biwa Display

Sale! USD $120.00 for all 14 weights (instant download)

Biwa is a 14-member straight-sided family of formally nuanced grotesk typefaces. Biwa’s lighter weights feel subdued, cool in tone, and neutral, while the heavier weights are more robust and full of personality.


SALE! USD $120.00 for all 40 weights (instant download)

Cern is a family of 40 weights of neutral, yet formally nuanced grotesk typefaces that takes inspiration from Helvetica, Akzidenz Grotesk, Univers and the original metal types from Switzerland, yet has a slightly larger x-height for more pronounced legibility.


SALE! - USD $49.00 for all 40 weights! (instant download)

Raker was born out of a love for retro science fiction aesthetics and includes 4 cuts: Raker, Raker Display, Raker Stencil, and Raker Display Stencil. Each cut includes 5 weights of Roman and italic characters—Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, and Heavy.


SALE! $80.00 USD for all 12 weights (instant download)

Stamen is the answer to a big question: What would happen if one tried to create a typeface family that was ‘out of time’? If a type designer was to turn off the internet and put away the type specimens and just try to explore limbic, phantom history, what might that look like?

SmytheSoft Pro family

SALE! USD $100 for all 12 weights (instant download)

SmytheSoft Pro is a contemporary workhorse sans serif family that is eminently readable on-screen and in print. It is an updated display version of our popular family Smythe Sans with custom rounded terminals, and is rigorously spaced and kerned.

SmytheSans Pro family

SALE! USD $100 for all 12 weights (instant download)

SmytheSans Pro is a contemporary workhorse sans serif family that is eminently readable on-screen and in print. Smythe Sans Pro includes Western, Central and Eastern European and Vietnamese character sets and is offered in five weights with matching italics: thin, ultra light, light, regular and bold.

Biwa Stencil Display

SALE! All six weights for USD $30.00 (instant download)

Biwa Stencil Display is designed for large display work—each weight includes 3 variations with different corner radii.

IDEA Magazine Annual Subscription!

Idea + Misc. + Publications

USD $180 postpaid (free international shipping included!)

We are pleased to offer annual subscriptions to IDEA, Japan’s leading graphic design magazine to the world!